Good Girl Turns Bad Girl

Candee Licious in Good Girl Turns Bad Girl

Poor Candee Licious has been living two lives and it is driving her crazy. To everyone around her, Candee is the perfect young woman. She gets good marks in school and is dating a handsome young man that her family loves. Her boyfriend is very sweet, totally polite, and a complete gentleman. He has never so much as touched her in a sexual manner in all their months of dating. Candee is worried that if she exposes her secret to him, he will be disappointed or even break up with her. Still, she cannot continue to live this way and decides to come clean. She asks him to wait while she goes into her bedroom to change. When Candee returns, she looks nothing like the woman he has grown to know and love. Gone are her conservative clothes and light makeup. In their place are tiny shorts, a see-through top, pigtails, and a collar with a leash. The only question her boyfriend has is whether she can act like the slut she dresses like. Taking out his huge, hard cock, she gets started with her mouth, slurping loudly and hungrily devouring his meat like a woman on a mission to eat every inch. He pulls her up onto his lap and feels the wet, tight warmth as she drops her hips and takes him for the first time. His aggressive fucking is more pleasurable than she could have ever imagined and every time he calls her a “bad girl” her body explodes. As he gets close, she gets on her knees. She knows that sluts eat cum and wants to taste him as he blasts his load all over her pretty face. Still worried, she asks if he still loves the slutty version of herself. He is shocked but loves her slutty look. No more good girl, Candee loves being a filthy little slut. (Video duration: 66:14)

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