Friendly Neighbor Deserves a Foot Fuck

Destiny Cruz in Friendly Neighbor Deserves a Foot Fuck

As she strips off her tight jeans, sporty Destiny shows off her tight ass, wrestling to get her pants off with her delicious French pedicured toes on the cool marble floor. Flexing her sexy feet up and down off the ground, she admires herself in the mirror, her bright pink thong hugging the curves of her tiny, toned frame. She dips her foot into the bath bubbles playfully as she bites her lip, knowing she’s about to enjoy a sudsy foot playtime by herself. Slathering water all over her body, rubbing the soap bubbles into her tan skin while massaging her sexy feet, Destiny is feeling super sensual as she spreads her legs to give herself even more pleasure. Getting herself wet in all the right places, horny Destiny greets her friendly neighbor at the door. He’s trying to warn her about street cleaning…she should move her car if she doesn’t want to get towed. She has something else in mind: foot fucking her friendly neighbor into oblivion. He gently taps that pussy as he licks her feet like a foot fetish pro. He worships her soles and takes her whole foot deeply into his mouth to get a better taste. When he slides his dick into her delicious mouth, he can’t help but enjoy watching her grab her feet behind her as if she is being spit-roasted like a good little foot fetish slut. She grabs her sexy feet as they bounce behind her head as he face fucks his gorgeous neighbor. Reverse cowgirl never looked so good as he slides his cock deep inside her wet pussy, showing off the pussy juices as they spill out from her tight wet cunt. Her feet resting on top of his thighs, this friendly neighbor needs to feel her tight pussy from all angles as he grabs on those sexy feet, sucking on her toes, feeling how delicious they are in his mouth, swirling them around on his tongue as he penetrates that pussy into oblivion. She can’t contain her moaning as he thrusts deeper and deeper into her tight wet hole, feeling its juices pouring out onto her. At just the last minute, before he is about to cum inside her, he pulls his dick out so he can spray his cum load all over those delicious, sexy feet. Covered in cum, her sexy feet with a perfect French pedicure looks absolutely irresistible as she laps up the delicious cum on her feet with her tongue… Love Her Boobs video starring Destiny Cruz and Jake Adams. (Video duration: 46:47)

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