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Rocky Emerson in Foot Tour

As one of the top real estate agents in the area, Emerson is the person to go to when planning to purchase a home for the family. Desiring to settle down, Alex Jones hires the gorgeous brunette, and they spend the day doing house tours until he finds something he likes. Although, the bearded man can’t seem to take his eyes off Emerson’s high heel-clad feet and enticing statuesque body. He is paying more attention to the realtor than the rooms and furnishings he’s supposed to take into consideration when picking a place for him and his wife. At the end of the tours, the pair settles down in a dining room at the last house to discuss terms and prices. Things were professional until Emerson complained about her sore feet and asked for permission to take off her shoes. Alex, being the foot enthusiast that he is, can’t concentrate on the discussion and keeps staring at her bright orange nail polish. Seeing the man’s attention straying, the tattooed babe starts to tease her client by running a dainty foot up and down his leg until he takes it into his hands and starts sucking on her long toes. Moans fall from Emerson’s lips as she watches Alex foot worship her, licking and caressing her soles and even biting at the pads of her feet. Things get heated between the client and the realtor. She gives him a quick footjob to make his cock hard before moving to the living room for a blowjob and getting rewarded with a pussy licking. Knowing that her shaved pussy is wet and ready, Alex slides his big cock in and fucks the minx with perky tits in missionary before she rides him in cowgirl. Switching to reverse cowgirl, Emerson bounces on the married man’s thick shaft, then kneels on the couch to get pounded hard in doggystyle. They fuck roughly until Alex pulls out and spills his warm cum all over her wrinkled soles. Love Her Boobs video starring Rocky Emerson and Alex Jones. (Video duration: 46:51)

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