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After a long week of classes, Eva Generosi was looking forward to a date with her boyfriend. When he was called in to work an extra shift, she found herself alone with no plans. Not to worry. She knows just how to spend some quality time alone and still get the satisfaction her young body craves. Alone in the house, she has the time and privacy to do date night the right way. Putting on her sexiest lingerie and heels, she does her hair and makeup before admiring herself in the mirror. She knows she looks hot and her boyfriend would be absolutely dying to ravage her if he could see her this way. Since he isn’t here, she is going to have to do that all on her own. Flopping back into the big bed all alone, she runs her hands up and down her body, feeling the smooth fabric and her warm flesh as her fingers begin to explore her erogenous zones. She tugs on her hair, licks her fingers, and imagines all the things her boyfriend would do if he were home with her. She peels her panties aside, letting the cool air lick against her wet lips. They are dying to be touched, but she waits, teasing herself, making her body wait. Her fingers finally make contact with her clit and her whole body shivers. She is going to make herself cum over and over. When he comes home, they are going to fuck like crazy, but for now, she has her fantasies and her fingers and they will get the job done. (Video duration: 15:57)

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