Double Valentine

Sereyna Gomez and Caramella Del X in Double Valentine

Today is a special day and Caramella Del X, wearing a sexy black lingerie, wants to give you a gift. With a mischievous smile, she points to the side, calling for her friend Sereyna Gomez. Sereyna, dressed in matching black lingerie, takes her place beside Caramella, and an electrifying tension fills the air, because now you know what is the gift: a threesome! The two women lean in, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. They explore each other’s bodies with touches and kisses before taking off their underwear and give one to another a pussy licking. As they see that you are hard, they kneel in front of you and give you a blowjob. One licks your balls while the other sticks your cock inside her mouth, and then they take turns to taste your cock. The pleasure you experience is absolutely amazing. And more when Sereyna rides you in cowgirl at the same time that you see how Caramella licks her nipples. Even more when you fuck the explosive Caramella in different positions. At the end, after having sex with Sereyna in missionary, Caramella masturbates you so you can cum over the other one’s body. VR Porn video starring Sereyna Gomez, Caramella Del X and Michael Fly. (Video duration: 37:43 min)

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