Concept: Passport Bros

Marina Gold in Concept: Passport Bros

What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? Let’s get experimental with this new Labs update! This concept, titled “Passport Bros,” is an experiment revolving around fucking during international travel. We’ve all had that risque fantasy of banging the babe we meet overseas or during an international business trip, right? What would be more exciting than meeting a super fine chick, spending an amazing day traveling the country with her, and all the while she’s dropping slutty little hints. Then, instead of parting ways, you go back to her place or the hotel to fuck! We wanted to build on that fantasy and really bring that dream of travel sex alive. In this episode, Don meets up with Marina in Madrid. She’s a sweet piece of ass, and she has flirty eyes. Don and Marina have an incredible day together, but the fun is only just getting started. Marina wants to help Don “get settled in,” which actually means she wants to suck his cock! Don and Marina keep the good times rolling, and Marina lets Don fuck her sweet pussy. He fucks the smoking hot Latina chick until cumming all over her face. This is a trip Don will remember forever! TeamSkeet video starring Marina Gold.

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