Clean After Your Boss' Dick

Kay Lovely in Clean After Your Boss' Dick

Kay is on a tight spot right now. The young blonde recently lost her home to a cheating boyfriend and is sleeping in her car. Her only income is her babysitting job, and the missus of the house offered her to earn some extra money by cleaning. However, Kay’s boss Ryan doesn’t think she needs to do this. The man has always observed his children’s nanny with lust, hoping to make a move on her one day. When he learns about Kay’s tough situation, the guy tells her she doesn’t need to clean the house for a couple more bucks, but she can do something more interesting instead. Kay is intrigued by Ryan’s proposal, letting him finger her pussy from behind on the house’s terrace. Kay has always had a crush on Mr McLane, so she is fully on board with his naughty proposal, jumping over him to make out intensely. Kay has always wondered how her boss’ cock tastes, so she doesn’t blink twice before stuffing her beautiful mouth with Ryan’s luscious dick. After one hell of a blowjob, Kay walks on all fours like a baby alongside her boss to his bedroom, the chance for her to get filled up by Ryan-her deepest and obscurest desire! TeamSkeet video starring Kay Lovely.

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