Classroom Duties

Lily Blossom in Classroom Duties

Lily Blossom VR, young freshman has some obligations in her new university. She has to clean a classroom at the end of the week. However, she was so busy with her friends that she forgot about her new duties. Already feeling guilty, she panics when her professor calls her into his office after class. Lily is certain that he knows about her fault and is scared what the consequences might be. The scowl on his face and the stern tone in his voice do nothing to soothe her frazzled nerves. She made a mistake and the punishment will be severe. Unless of course, she does everything he asks. Lily can’t get kicked out of school and she finds her professor mysterious and attractive, especially when he is being so demanding. In this dark VR porn episode, she agrees and is a little happy when his first command is that she take off her panties that she should use instead of the rag. He watches for a moment before taking out his cock and waving it in front of her. It is the biggest one she has ever seen and when he tells her to come over and suck it, Lily moves quickly to comply. He lets her get it wet in her mouth before bending her over his desk to fuck her tight pussy from behind. She is sorry she forgot cleaning essentials and promises to never do it again, but she is not sorry about the results. His big hard cock is giving her more pleasure than she has ever known and all she wants to do is please him. Her body is doing just that as she rides his dick. The professor tells her that her mistake will be ignored so long as she comes in once a week for a special session. How special? Special enough that it leaves her with a big load cum dripping from her pussy. (Video duration: 40 min)

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