Caution: Wet Mom

Lila Lovely in Caution: Wet Mom

Lila Lovely is a caring stepmother. The same cannot be said about her stepson. Instead of spending 15 minutes to clean his room, he gladly wastes 5 hours staring at his phone. Today Lila was shocked when she saw the pigsty of the room. At least she has two spray bottles to clean the windows. She asks her stepson to help her. But it’s impossible for him to stay cool when such a hot MILF is standing next to you. Instead of washing the windows, the guy sprays some water on her white blouse. Her nipples puff instantly, and the dude can’t take his eyes off Lila’s huge jugs. She thinks he needs to be taught a lesson and also sprays water at him. Oops! Now the stepson’s pants are wet and he may catch a cold. This can’t be happening. The MILF asks him to take his wet clothes off quickly and get into the bed. At this moment, she notices that the guy is having a boner. And since Lola herself was wet and started to freeze, she decides that a hot young cock could help her out. She takes all her clothes off and lies down next to her stepson. Now his cock has become even harder. And even if the guy is still cold, Lola already knows how to warm him up. She begins stroking his cock gently with her hand, and then wraps her giant breast around it. To prepare for the best action part, she decides to give the guy the best blowjob of his life. Now her stepson feels that this hot MILF’s wet pussy is asking for more. His cock is ready for deep penetration, and it’s delivering her this pleasure. The stepson bangs Lola, and at the very end he releases a powerful charge of jizz on her beautiful tits. Now he knows what kind of reward he gets for a quick cleaning. (Video duration: 37:08)

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