Bougie Feet

Alyx Star in Bougie Feet

It’s hard to focus when Alyx struts into the study showing off her sexy red lingerie with her enormous tits falling out from the top of the fabric. When she shows off her new high heels, flaunting those sexy arches with her newly painted baby pink toe nail polish, it’s hard not to take notice of this voluptuous princess dying to take a dick deep between those sexy soles. To distract herself from her horniness, Alyx begins plucking the strings of a harp seductively eventually pulling her father’s colleague out of the study and into her sexy feet chambers. As she presses on the pedals of the harp, he realizes he’s waited long enough. It’s time to taste those sexy toes and lick those adorable feet from top to bottom, sucking on each piece of delicious flesh, savoring the flavor of her royal feet. Her sexy feet smothering his face as she moans in absolute ecstasy. He can’t resist plunging his big hard cock deep into her wet slutty pussy as she rubs her sexy feet all over his body, giving him a taste or two as he thrusts deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. A spectacular castle of a home is the perfect backdrop for this foot fetish fantasy come true as he covers those delicious toes with his cum, pouring it all over her sexy princess feet… Love Her Boobs video starring Alyx Star and Scotty P. (Video duration: 35:40)

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