Barbie's Night Adventures

Ellie Shou in Barbie's Night Adventures

Ever since she was a girl, Ellie Shou VR has been obsessed with Barbie. Her room has always been pink and her collection has grown. Now that she is 19, she still loves Barbie, but her obsession has crossed over with her sex life. After seeing the movie, she has decided that she wants to role-play with her boyfriend as Barbie and Ken for a kinky time. She picks out both outfits hoping to finally live out her kink in person. After getting dressed up, she leaves the Ken clothes for her boyfriend to find. When the door to her bedroom opens she is shocked to see not her boyfriend, but her stepfather wearing the Ken outfit. In this dark VR porn video, she is confused and embarrassed, but he lets her know right away that he is here to play the part for her. Ellie isn’t sure at first, but when he takes out his big cock, she warms to the idea quickly. He looks so hot in the clothes and his dick is so much bigger than her boyfriend’s. Ellie finds herself opening her mouth as he pulls her head closer to stuff her lips with his meat. His take-charge style turns her on and he starts to deep stroke her from behind, she can feel her pussy creaming. He flips her over and decides to see if she is as flexible as the good fuck doll she pretends to be. The head of his cock stretches her asshole as it pops inside. She hasn’t tried this before, but it feels so good to have him deep in her backdoor. He pulls out and aims his cock right at her face. She can tell he is about to do something else her boyfriend never does and smiles as he shoots a big load of cum all over her. Ellie knows she has found the perfect horny Ken to play opposite her slutty Barbie. (Video duration: 43 min)

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