JOI Foot Tease with Rocky Emerson

Rocky Emerson in JOI Foot Tease with Rocky Emerson

Any man who has Rocky Emerson as a realtor would definitely find their eyes roaming her athletic body more than the house they visited, especially when she’s in high heels and sporting a bright orange pedicure. This fact does not go unnoticed by the naughty brunette, who takes advantage of the situation despite having clients with a ring around their fingers. Rocky lets her thoughts run amok with naughty ideas as she sits on a covered chair in a dining room, claiming that her high-heel-clad feet are aching from walking around all day. Unclasping the straps wrapped around her ankle, she lets the shoes dangle and draw more attention to her dainty bare feet. Rocky knows how to tease men with foot fetishes, slowly sliding the heels off with her hand while talking about how good it feels to stretch her aching toes. She pictures a handsome lover growing hard at the sight of her bare feet, watching him rub his aching cock as she spreads her legs and teasingly runs her fingers against her covered pussy. The tattooed darling doesn’t let shyness hold her back from voicing out loud what she wants her partner to jerk off as he stares at her sexy feet. Lifting her legs and propping them on the dining table, Rocky proudly displays her soft soles, big feet, and long toes, then gasps at the thought of having a warm tongue suck and lick them. Her moans fill the room as she flexes and stretches, making wrinkles appear on the sole, and thinks about how nice they would feel rubbing against a warm, hard cock. Rocky knows how good she is at giving footjobs, using both feet to pleasure and tease. If this blue-eyed babe were with a lover, she’d ask him to slide his hand up and down his cock faster until he eventually covered her awaiting giantess feet with fresh hot cum. (Video duration: 11:24)

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